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Are you looking for team of skilled sheet metal designers to design and prototype a metal part for you? Look no further, for Aston Precision provides exactly this for you.

Even if you are clueless on how you can make your dream real, we can help you make your thoughts into reality.

Allow us to help you make your idea a reality by guiding you through the design process, assisting with modifications, and most importantly, providing the most efficient way to manufacture it for you.

Let us help you with your plan so that we can take you through the design procedure, provide you with helpful modifications and of course, tell you the most effective way to manufacture your plan.


At Aston Precision, we use a software called Solid Works to design and draft our orders. Software like Solid Works can be easily used to make a 3D visualisation of our orders. As well as this, we are also able to make a moving simulation of the order, enabling us to show if the part will work as planned.

The 3D CAD design and drafting is only the first step of the sheet metal fabrication procedure. After this step, we would begin to manufacture your product with these sheet metal fabrication solutions:

  • CNC laser cutting

  • CNC brake press folding

  • MIG and TIG welding

  • CNC machining


If you don't have a genuine drawing of your order, our team can draw one out for. To reduce the cost of manufacturing, customers often ask for assistance in redesigning their products.

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