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Aston Precision Self clinching fasteners

Sheet metal inserting is a mechanical fastening process to join to sheet metal component together with use of clinch fasteners, insert nuts, hex-inserts, etc.

Recently, Aston Precision has acquired a brand-new NC-controlled self-clinch fastener inserting machine, now making us more capable in the sheet metal fabrication business.

Self-clinch fasteners are unlike other fasteners; they are connected with an attachment feature. Self-clinching fasteners are also made to fit in with the core of the related material.

Self-clinching fasteners can be bought in various styles and purposes. Some of the options that we can provide are:

  • Panel fasteners

  • Sheet-joining style

  • Plain stud

There is also a collection of nut hardware that you can pick from, including:

  • Standard nut format

  • Miniature nut styles

  • Floating nut

  • Blind nut

  • Nylon insert nut

With our experience and high-quality machines, you can be confident to get a great results every time!

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