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Aston Precision is pleased to offer our expertise in metal fabrication design and prototyping services. Our team of professionals is proficient in transforming your ideas into tangible products through guidance and modifications in the design process. With our assistance, you can efficiently manufacture your products with the most effective strategy.


We use SolidWorks Premium software for our design and drafting orders. This software allows us to create a 3D visualization of your order and generate a moving simulation to ensure that the part performs as intended. Our sheet metal fabrication process begins with 3D CAD design and drafting, followed by the use of CNC laser cutting, CNC brake press folding, MIG and TIG welding, and CNC machining to manufacture the product.


If you do not have a design drawing, we can provide one for you. Our team can also assist you in redesigning your product to minimize manufacturing costs, as this is a common request from our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our metal fabrication-related drafting services.

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