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If you need an aluminium part fabricated and made for you, come to Aston Precision, where we value hard work and good results.


Aluminium parts are a good choice of material because they are reasonably priced, light, and attractive. Parts made from aluminium are constantly cheaper as they can be manufactured in less time compared to other metals such as steel. Not only that, but they also don’t need extra surfaces.
Since this type of metal is soft, small portions of zinc, magnesium, copper, and other features are added to make the aluminium stronger and less flimsy.
Aluminium cannot rust, as it has a thin protective layer that forms when it is put into the environment, preventing any rust from forming. It is also chemical resistant, simple to machine and has a has a high strength to weight ratio – it weighs only one third as much as steel.

Aluminium is also an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, making it perfect for heat sinks, and reflects heat and light, is non-magnetic and is malleable.

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