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How Architectural Cladding and Metal Fabrication Can Enhance Your Building's Aesthetics

Aston Precision provides you the opportunity to make up external cladding and various architectural designs so that comply with your demands. The automated manufacturing facilities guarantee operative production with a wide range of building and composite materials for your needs.

Cladding options

Manufacturing processes including laser cutting, punching, folding, fabrication and fastener insertion offer endless possibilities in business quantities with CNC driven machinery.

External Cladding

We offer a wide range of end-to-end services to provide sheet metal with a decorative and protective coating that meets the panned visual results. Our team can work with you to get cladding options that are exactly especial and assist you to meet all your needs.

Customised cladding systems

Our design engineers can help progressing not only a visual plan but also a custom profiling and surface treatment, as well as providing mounting points and systems for panels to meet all your needs.

Our automation machines guarantee that panels are constructed to include tabs, holes, mounting brackets and insert fasteners to create a cladding system that meets your demands.

Interior architectural cladding

Customised cladding systems are equally suited to interior design.

Sheet metal is available in a variety of materials including steel/Corten steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and copper) and can be bonded to other materials to achieve the specific outcomes.


The flexibility and visual appeal of fabricated metal designs lends itself to many other forms of fabricated metal and construction. Metal signs, walkways, balustrades, balconies, barrier screening/ sun screening, in fill panels, modern fencing and garden forms are just a few examples. Designs applications are unlimited.


Fabricated decorative metal is used in many state and local government infrastructure applications to add aesthetic amenity, aesthetic protection and signage to roads, parks, gardens and nature reserves, and playgrounds.

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