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Stainless steel and Aluminium TIG welding with The Ultimate Fronius Magic-wave-230i

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The Fronius Magicwave 230i, a TIG welding machine, is an outstanding machine with many benefits and updated upgrades. If you want to learn about the Fronius Magicwave 230i, just keep reading.


Before you start reading about the Fronius Magicwave, you should know about TIG welding. If you already know about TIG welding, skip ahead to the part about the Fronius. If you don’t know about TIG welding or you just want to read, you can continue reading this.

TIG welding is a very difficult welding technique, and you would need to be extremely skilled to get the proper product. However, though you need to have absolute focus while doing this, the end product is worth it.

The process is like this:

You need to use both of your hands simultaneously for this. One of your hands will be holding the TIG welding machine. The other hand will be holding a metal rod. Underneath this, you should place the two pieces of metal you want to be merged together.

The way it works is, the metal rod will melt into a pool of metal, because of the heat of the welding machine. The puddle of metal will form where your two metal pieces are connecting. Then, from behind, the machine will come and merge the pool of metal onto the two metal pieces, sticking them together.

The Fronius is basically just that, except it has a bunch of cool updates and upgrades, that make it the BEST!

The Fronius Magicwave 230i

Now, more about the Magicwave.

The MagicWave is a wholly digitized TIG AC/DC power source that specializes in aluminium applications. As well as that, the devices vary in mobility – from the portable device to the high-power stationary complete system, alongside the different power categories from 170 to 500 A.

The MagicWave features a highly tough design and an extraordinarily understandable operating concept.

The Fronius Magicwave 230i is also one of the most cutting-edge digital welding systems on the market! With a features list that rivals a Tesla car, the Fronius Magicwave 230i can handle practically anything you need, and it will always stay on top, thanks to free firmware updates.

You'll always find something that boosts productivity and user experience, due to the advanced welding requirements such as AC Current offset, independently controlled waveforms for AC TIG and DC Pulse TIG, TAC function, and cap shaping all standards in every machine.

Standard Features

· 230-amp dual voltage AC/DC Digital TIG & Stick welding power source

· Compact and the lightweight unit weighs less than 38 pounds

· AC frequency from synergic (auto) to 250Hz

· AC Balance Control from 20-50%

· Integrated adjustable Spot timer

· Adjustable 0-15s pre-flow

· Adjustable 0-60s second post flow

· 3 amps stable

· Scratch start and high-frequency arc start

· 6010 electrodes compatible

· 100V OCV

· Customizable top menu

· Lockout control keeps unwanted users out of your machine

· 100% Duty Cycle at 165 amps, 35% at 230 amps

· IP23 enclosure rating against water spray

· Store up to 999 jobs

· Favourites button recalls jobs in seconds

· Gas flow button allows setting regulator without stepping on the pedal

· Intuitive and ergonomic remote hand control torch with the interchangeable torch head

As you most likely can tell, after reading this, the Fronius Magicwave 230i is pretty much the most productive, useful, and modern TIG welding machine you could get. With all these features and upgrades, it’s hard to ignore them!

Aston Precision is constantly investing in the most modern machinery to offer our clients the top-quality product in the utmost cost-effective way. We are proud owners of Fronius Magic Wave AC/DC 230i which enable us to cater to stainless steel and Aluminium Tig Welding requirements. Our machine is fully upgraded to Pulse Pro and Job saves option with which we can save each job to the finest parameters and recall it for any repeat orders to be consistent with the top TIG welding finish thanks to MIGWELL Dandenong. We can draft and design top quality products using Solidworks Premium 2021 and produce the parts to the standard our customers want. Based in Hallam Victoria Australia we service our customers in and Around Dandenong and all over Melbourne and Australia. Call us today to talk to us regarding your next project.

Ph: 03 8595 6706




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