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Sustainable Manufacturing in Steel Fabrication Industry

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

What is sustainable manufacturing? Is it eco-friendly? Is it popular? What’s so special about it? All these questions shall be answered in a minute.

Sustainable manufacturing is eco-friendly. You might have been able to tell since it’s called sustainable manufacturing. It is not a craze, but it’s mandatory for public health and staff safety. But before we jump to all that, what is sustainable manufacturing? Well, it’s technically manufacturing, except that it is done economically, and decreases negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. So it mainly means doing manufacturing in an eco-friendly manner.

Factories should use sustainable manufacturing because it’s safe, it’s eco-friendly and it’s economically good for a business. If we don’t use enough sustainable manufacturing, risks will come to future generations. Evidence has shown that negative health impacts are bestowing on people living near non-sustainable manufacturing companies. Studies have said that closeness to polluting areas, like factories have led to pregnancy issues like central nervous system defects, oral clefts, chromosome anomalies, perinatal mortality, and low birth weight. Manufacturing facilities have also made child cancer grow greater than usual. Families living near manufacturing facilities and employees are also becoming less tolerant of pollution and elevated health risks. Residents near factories are complaining about the smells and the risks. They are becoming more furious about the risks to their health and are asking for better security of their air and water. However, sustainable manufacturing does not cause this many problems.

The moral of all this is that our decisions have an impact. Lot’s of bad things can happen if we make a wrong move. Fortunately for all of us, industry, technology, and attitudes are changing. All of us have the ability to challenge the status quo and offer solutions that support both more eco manufacturing and better business. Sustainability is just about making choices that encourage the use of cleaner technologies where appropriate and decreasing wastefulness.

How to do Metal fabrication Sustainably

  • Knowingly select the right lubricants for your application, with an eye toward healthier chemicals.

  • Understand the technologies and materials you use, to reduce failures and scrap.

  • Pay consideration to coil mill certifications to make sure the material you purchased is produced in a mill where sustainability is on their agenda.

  • Use virtual simulation beneficially to minimize the cost and waste of excessive tryouts and to understand the dynamics of your operation and materials at Brake press folding.

  • Keep an eye on your precision manufacturing processes and technologies to avoid costly equipment and personnel inefficiencies and failures.

  • Keep a high focus on safety and reduce lost hours.

  • Use proper filtration and extractors for the Laser cutting machine.

  • Keep your materials clean and well maintained.

  • Keep your welding areas and other workspaces spotless and organized.

  • Evolve and practice emergency protocols for dangerous equipment conditions, spills, and leaks.

  • Do and understand your FMEAs and the criticality of each failure mode.

  • Learn continuously, understand your operation, and teach arriving professionals.

  • Encourage employees to utilise eco-friendly transportation methods such as push bikes, carpooling, public transport etc.

  • Introduce initiatives such as health and well-being programs and fitness and quit-smoking initiatives.

Nowadays, there’s very little excuse for manufacturers to avoid using eco-friendly methods in their operations. The solution to giving a safe work and neighbourhood environment is the same solution to directing a manufacturing business successfully. Sustainability is not the only environmentalism. It is a sensible method to directing a safe and helpful business operation.

At Aston Precision PTY LTD we put the environment and sustainability at the forefront while we developed and manufacture new products. We also consider these factors when working with our clients to provide various metal fabrication solutions. You can trust us to do a good job on your orders and make sure we can do the best we can to keep all our processes eco-friendly.

We are Aston Precision, A team you can trust.

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