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Machine Manufacturing in Australia

I just lost my job manufacturing children’s playground apparatus. This industry is all swings and roundabouts. Get it? Anyway, don’t worry I haven’t lost my job. That was meant to be a manufacturing joke. … Today let's talk about the machine manufacturing industries in Australia.

Firstly, how is the machine manufacturing business doing and what is its future? The arrival of COVID-19 has slowed down the market growth; however, due to the easing of lockdowns, the market is slowly gaining traction and Steel welding and Steel fabrication is making a big come back to local manufacturing. Income for the Industrial Machinery Manufacturing industry has scarcely grown over the past five years. While export income has remained high over the period, uneasy downstream order has restricted the industry's performance. The downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has further restricted industry profit, with weaker capital spending from the private sector and reduced demand from mining companies negatively affecting industry firms. That’s basically how the metal and steel machinery industry is doing.

The industry’s future is said that the Industrial Machinery Manufacturing industry is projected to grow slightly over the next five years. A predicted return to growth in downstream markets is probably to be offset by a stronger Australian dollar, which is anticipated to restrain export demand thus bring more metal fabrication work back to Australia. Capital disbursement by the private sector is anticipated to rise over the next five years, supporting demand for industry products such as sheet metal fabrication, food processing machine manufacturing etc. So in summary, this industry is underperforming, but a positive future is imminent.

How is the machine manufacturing industry helping the economy? So, quickly, just for those of you who don’t know, the economy is basically finance, the cost of petrol, stock-market, etc. So back to the question, the economy is kind of like a chain. Here’s an example. A metal manufacturing guy gives someone a piece of metal. The manufacturing guy, named Allkibern, uses the money he got from the metal piece to buy something from Coles. The owner & employees of Coles and the farmers who gave the product to Coles will get money. Then Allkibern goes to buy a shirt from Kmart. When he purchases the shirt, the employees of Kmart, the manufacturers of the shirt and anyone else who was involved with the making and selling of the shirt, will get money. So Allkibern keeps on selling and buying, shopkeepers keep selling and buying, almost everyone keeps selling and buying, and that's the economy. I’m just saying that not only machine manufacturing businesses are helping the economy, but it’s great that they are.

What are major businesses in the machine manufacturing industry?

Three of the biggest businesses in the machine manufacturing industry are Caterpillar, Deere & Co, and CNH Industrial NV. Caterpillar, Inc Co. is popular for its large construction equipment, and its name can be seen around the world. The company is so established that they have been able to license and market a line of clothing and work boots under their perceived logo. Next, Deere & Co. This company was established in 1837 by John Deere in Rutland, Vermont. While the company is hugely successful today, it shifted from Vermont to Illinois in 1836 to escape bankruptcy. Lastly, CNH Industrial NV. This business's full form is “ Case New Holland Industrial.” This business’s name is not as famous as the other two I mentioned. CNH Industrial is an international company with joint Italian-American ownership that’s headquartered in the United Kingdom. They're popular for designing, manufacturing, and selling agricultural and construction equipment.

What sort of machines are manufactured in Australia?

Farming equipment, Food processing machines, Steel processing machines, textile fabric cutting machines, Material handling machines, Material weighing machines, Industrial cutting machines, CNC tool grinders, Diary processing, Medical equipment manufacturers, Winemaking machinery etc are some of the most popular sectors of Australian manufacturing.

How Aston precision is helping the Machine manufacturing industry? We are at the forefront of precision metal manufacturing and have been helping many machine manufacturing industries in and around Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs by providing optimum solutions to produce the parts for the machines and their accessories. We offer services from 3D Cad drafting with the latest version of 3D CAD software Solidworks and provide project management and full-fledged metal fabrication solutions like Laser cutting, Brake press, MIG and TIG welding. We are ready to serve you by listening and by providing the friendliest customer service. Our lead times are flexible and our prices are budget-friendly.

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