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Meet Asto!

Aston Precision's own Koala ASTO
Asto the Koala

Everyone loves koalas! They're so cute and fluffy and adorable! Hence, when their habitat was in danger during the 2019 and 2020 bush fires, an immense need emerged for us Australians to help them.

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is an organization dedicated to efficiently managing and maintaining koalas and their habitat. Its primary goals are to update and refine the Koala Habitat Atlas mapping of all wild koalas habitats and get the Koala Protection Act decreed to ensure koalas and their habitat are safe.

When Haileybury School teamed up with the AKF to host a Koala Project to raise funds for a great cause, we were eager to be part of it. The Haileybury Koala Project was an auction for multiple various koala statues. Kids from various Haileybury Campuses have helped paint these koala statues in different colours and patterns. Also, seven talented Australian professional artists were given an empty koala statue to work with. The results were remarkable.

Aston Precision secured the koala painted by Haileybury, Berwick Middle School. This one is full of patterns and colours, ideally in line with Aston's Astonishing colours. Asto, as we named him, is now settled inside our office in Hallam.

Aston Precision cares about the environment and equal opportunities for all living on this planet. We always do our best to service our clients and give our share to the community for its betterment. Our foundation is built upon Aspiration, Service, Trust, On-time and New-Tech, and we believe that as small to medium Australian businesses, we all should help make a CHANGE and make our world a better place.

Come by soon to meet Asto! He lives in our Hallam Office!

Contact us - 03 8595 6706

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